Happy Chinese New Year!

2012 is the year of the Dragon. This is the luckiest Chinese zodiac animal in the culture, and I just missed it by 10 months. (I missed the tiger by 2). As a child in China there was a street-side staple that one could find all over Beijing, particularly at national sites like the Forbidden Palace and the Summer Palace. It was a game where you'd spin a needle in the middle of a giant dial of animals, and the one that was landed on got brought to life as a poured sugar creation on a stick by the old man who owned the cart.

I played it exactly twice, and got a dragon both times. The old men told me I'd have great luck in my life, and my mom marveled. That was when I was pure optimism, true believer of serendipity and good fate. I'd like to spin that wheel once more.

Anyways, it's Monday and it's raining and I'm hoping for a good week at work. Starting with a big fat coffee.

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