Sunday thoughts - Surviving Santacon

One of the things I did this weekend was not take part in Santacon. I worked these past two days and had great days both. The Seaport was flooded with drunk and slutty Santas for most of the day on Saturday and though it was sunny, it was brisk, and I was happy not to be a part of them, swaying and looking for restrooms. This kind of revelry I am familiar with from my college days but it doesn't seem quite right on such a large scale in such a large city. Though I did see an adorable elderly couple dressed as Santas and holding hands under the FDR, a little bit tipsy.

KL has a new job lined up and so the next chapter of his life will begin in 2012. I am proud and happy and happy he is happy, but a little bit sad that I won't be seeing as much of him on my short breaks from weekends at JCrew. 2012 holds another amazing thing for the two of us, but more on that at a later time.

This weekend I've made a couple of inconsequential self commitments, including wearing red nail polish through the end of December and adopting NARS Madly as my signature blush. This is the kind of thing that people do to make sense of the minuteness of us, the hugeness of the universe. This weekend I learned of a black hole 10 billion times the mass of the sun and that makes me feel pretty fucking small. I know this and I hold on to my individual rituals because I understand them and because I don't understand 300 million lightyears.

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