On sale now

Anthropologie started a 50% promotion on its sale section this past Tuesday. I ordered a few things in a flurry in the morning, some of which will probably be going back to the store. These included a beautiful silk red dress, a pair of ochre wool cropped pants, suede oxford heels with different colored panels, a black jersey dress, and 2 champagne flutes.

update: returning the shoes (didn't love) and the dress (too big)

Love the flutes, dress hasn't shipped yet

Later in the afternoon I was patting myself on the back for not waiting to go in person to purchase because the store and the counters were swarming with women, the men accompanying them sitting in neat rows on the steps that descend to SALE.

Also, J.Crew has added new items to their sale section, and I just missed purchasing the Toscana hat (pictured) which I love.

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