Roasted vegetables, duh

This year we're bringing winter vegetables to Thanksgiving. Our dessert will be 2 fruit tarts from Financier: an apple galette and an apricot lemon tart. Tomorrow after work KL and I will head to Eataly to shop for our ingredients and then hop down to SoHo to use our Nolita House Groupon at last before it expires on Saturday. 

Upcoming dinner reservations include Cuba in Noho on Friday, where each diner is gifted with a freshly hand rolled traditional cigar, and in December, ABC Kitchen and the Stanton Social. Lots of good food this season. I'm kicking around the idea of planning another seasonally appropriate group feast, like the clam bake and the late summer foodie barbecue. For cold weather it really should be things like pot pies, soups, roasted birds, and mulled wine/cider, which all sound so delicious. 

Also on Friday, I'll be seeing friends from my elementary school class for our informally annual get together. I really love this group of people.

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