It’s raining again today.

No matter. Magic in this month, isn’t there? It reminds me of all the girly things I love, like macaroons, watercolors, floral gift wrap, pastels. I’ve been stringing beads on silk again. I can tell what time of year it is when threads return to my life. Soon, K and I will make winter’s first batch of root vegetable soup. I will have many strands of strung gold by then.

Last week we had dinner at Torrisi Italian Specialties. It was the first night of Little Italy’s San Gennaro feast, and Jay-Z sat next to us. Tiny place, tiled floors, one chalkboard wall, and a big ball of fresh mozzarella. We decided the meal topped Marlow & Sons, which was almost heresy to say. Among many things, I loved the palate cleanser of real lemon Italian ice in a thimble sized paper cup. Pulled me right out of my food coma. We return with our friends tomorrow.

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