personal finances: planning for retirement

I enrolled in a 401k recently, and today I hear news that my company is cutting jobs and closing offices. Snooze. Such ubiquitous news these days, and as much as it's a stressor, what the hell do any of us know at this point? If it happens, it will throw my retirement funding plans off course, as currently 5% of my salary is directed towards company stock, and both domestic small and mid cap and international companies. No market is doing well.

What to do in an age like this one? I'm considering an FDIC insured Roth IRA, something I've played around with in the past. The returns just weren't enticing enough to take action, and I didn't want to let the market drive me into super-conservatism, as I am young and this is the time for risk.

My SmartyPig account isn't a permanent savings solution. It's cute, but its funding and withdrawal mechanisms are laggy, and the cartoony website doesn't inspire long term confidence. This is not to say I'm not very happy with my account there.

Seeking: a no-minimum IRA with a realistic return rate. No reason not to go with ING at 1%.

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