Summer under way

Today I attended a bank fair for new hires with the intent to open their associate accounts. It was a successful and enjoyable experience, and I'm happy to have the event break up my usual routine a bit.

Lil visited from Boston this weekend, and I got to have dinner and go out with her on Friday. It was so nice to pretend she lives in the city, and to try crazy foods with her at Public on my second visit there. Our meal included kangaroo over falafel with cassava chips, kobe beef tongue, beet gnudi with radish, some fantastic duck, and a dessert sorbet sampler with the flavors blueberry basil, strawberry rhubarb, peach lavender, and watermelon mint. So so delicious. Regrettably, there are no pictures of the food.

I like this white for summer thing. I wore an ivory cotton lace dress out that night. My two greatest obstacles to making white a more practical part of my wardrobe: 1) the threat of undies exposure, and 2) the way that I eat.

I confess I eat like a messy child, and it is inevitable that almost all of my immediate rotation of clothing gets stained. It doesn't help that I love to eat soups, noodle soups, saucy mussels, and drippy fruits, or that I open yogurt containers tab-end towards me.
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