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I remember in college, this was the time each year that I began to think about the end of summer. This year's summer is stretching out before me even now, but it's hard to do all of the things I want to, to live a full life, on only the weekends and select weeknights while trying to be well rested.

Well rested, I am not. In lulls between agenda items, like the 4 hours between work and going out last Friday, I should have napped but instead finally sank scissor to cloth and cut the panels for a loose top from a navy viscose twill I bought back in April. Sometime this week I'll find the hour to join them.

Between work, home projects, a relationship, family, a night-life, and miscellaneous appointments, I find it hard to fit in time to do nothing, to see friends, to do yoga. It doesn't help that Namaste Yoga has been dropped from Discover Fit & Health's line up.

It's crazy to think of people who do all of these things and do not also almost fall asleep standing on the morning commute. I write this as I lean against my train door, closing my eyes intermittently. Last night I went to dinner at Annisa.

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