Sunday thoughts

I think I will switch to having an iPhone for my 25th birthday. That will give this phone a total usage time of 2.25 years, which is fair and fine.

A silly thing to think of when thinking about turning 25.

I've been working a lot lately, and this weekend was pretty exhausting. I also realize that one doesn't have much writing material when all their hours are for pay. People keep asking me if I'm trying to save a lot of money by working so much and to be honest, which is to say stupid, I hadn't thought about the income from JCrew too much. Mostly because with the shopping, my net take-home is probably negligible. I just like it there. I like that it brings me to the South St Seaport:

One of my JC managers gave me a stalk of fresh picked garlic today. She got it from a customer, who got it from the Amsterdam market at the Seaport, from which I'd bought a delightful Crispin apple the week before.

My short term plan is to put my head down and grind through work until my 2 vacation days in June, the 16th and 17th.

Edit: composed this email on the commute home last night, but did not get a chance to send it.

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