Spent a lot of last night sitting on my living room floor with a stack of magazines at my side. I was going through them so that I could scan in what I wanted to keep, recycle the rest, and be done with them. It was incredibly hot in the evening, and the city was on a tornado watch, which sounds at once frightening and extremely dull; the act of watching of 2 kinds - distraction and voyeurism.

The lack of spring this year would have been complete had my allergies not acted up, costing me $75 and counting. Another source of failure comes from the way I organize my pictures by month - May has not been fruitful on that account. June 2 finds me without my camera, and tomorrow is Friday but there are no plans for fun. Where are the pictures to take?

I wanted more than anything to leave New York in June or July, and my chances of escaping dwindle with each passing day and rising airline ticket. This means that really, I need to do something about that broken closet rod and resultant pile of clothing on my desk. The more I leave, the more I bring back, so maybe the fates have conspired to strand me in my city this summer.

i can make infused vodkas with all that time at home

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