Four more days

Being down on Front Street at South Street Seaport has such appeal. The area is so neighborhoody and neglected by all NY natives not living in the area that it's charming in that way. I like that I've come back to belonging there in some way, and look forward to the summer hours spent at Jack's coffee shop, outside of Barbarini, and of course, at the bar at Suteishi.

dinner at Suteishi is an exercise in the ways one can be spoiled
One my first shift back at J. Crew I noticed that the store is running a fantastic associate discount for th men's Ludlow wool suit in Navy, so dark it's almost black. A certain lucky man in my life reaps the benefits of my return - the belated gift of a sleek ass suit.

I haven't even bought myself anything yet...


The girls and I have decided this will be the May of dresses, and will pack accordingly. I've assigned myself the useless and tangentially related task of obtaining 3 pairs of hoop earrings a la 90's J. Lo for the trip. (Which, to shame, I still picture taking place on the deck of the boat I somehow think we'll be cruising on).

Spiced Dress, Anthro $188

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