I've noticed my english has been pretty pocked with mistakes lately when I type. What's going on, and where is my head? I used to check my tweets so many times before sending them, but recently somehow have found myself deleting more than a handful because of typos I didn't catch. Am I just not paying attention? Or, 2 years later, am I finally feeling the effects of not attending school anymore?

In other news, I'm not sure that I'll ever catch up to this week. What day is it? I have no idea. What happened in the 8th inning of the Yankees - Jays game I was at last night? I have no idea about that one either, I was falling asleep in my seat.

3 things I do know, that I figured out this week

1) the river seems cleaner in Harlem
2) 80 is a good number of degrees
3) Yankee stadium apples are worth their price

harlem on the hudson
over-eager pour a la K
my body cannot handle this

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