Two great weeks

Even though I started my Monday at 5am, I'm very happy to start this week. Today marks the beginning of 2 great weeks ahead. Harlem and Yankee game as previously mentioned at the end of this week, and a vacation to DR at the end of next. The days in between speckled with dinners, drinks, and puppies.

I'm sitting at the very end of the train car, next to the window that peers into the adjacent car, through which I spied a mariachi duo by the doors. After the last stop they came into my car. Wonderful as I somehow love the sounds of latin guitar. I suspect I was latina in my previous life, and italiana before that. And before it all maybe I was a queen who was a zen master. That's why the preference for soft things and quiet. Somewhere in between maybe a blue whale. That's why oceans, and sometimes the loneliness. That's also why the soup, once I learned to dislike cold.

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