My hair has gotten so long I'm beginning to catch the stray split end again. Not a good feeling, walking cross eyed to find a pair of scissors because when I find one I cannot let it go.

I think about summer, and how I want it to be overrun with blue, with flowers, with lemonade and tumblers. The things that pair well with sunshine.

My neighbor, my oldest friend, my bffer Cat is moving to Astoria come May, and I may find myself at the much hyped beer garden, ("THE beer garden"), for the first time ever this June. To be more precise I've never been to Astoria, and I couldn't tell you why.

On the last day of April, I'll be making my first trip to Harlem since that double decker tourist bus I rode while falling in love with my first great love. I'll spend the morning with kids, reading to them and making kites. Afterwards, my first meal at Dinosaur BBQ. Funny how that works - Dino bbq is an institution in upstate NY and all those years in Rochester I'd never made it there. After Harlem, still North to Yankees stadium to celebrate a birthday in the grandstands behind home plate.

Three more weeks until DR and I should get to packing. Packing and debuting my new Fuji Instax camera, and its huge, cartoonishly lovable case. It's really so big. I keep thinking we're going on a cruise, the booking of this trip was so crazy. I wonder if a resort setting will feel too high maintenance.


When I make roasted brussels sprouts at home I pour olive oil over the halved sprouts and toss them with my bare hands. It's one of the more satisfying things in my special ed culinary adventures. The other is tossing dressing into salad with my bare hands. I guess it's time to learn a new method. Cooking sous vide, for example.

We're dawning on the season of mangoes and I've begun an intense affair with the Champagne variety, to the tune of an entire box underneath my window. I find that sometimes the peels make my lips go numb when I get a little overzealous tearing fruit from skin.

How come I'd never heard of How to Train Your Dragon before Saturday? It's an exceptional movie, and beautiful to watch. How thrilling it'd be to ride a dragon wearing a viking helmet.

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