No seat on the E train

Means I don't get to nap, but gives me the chance to recap the weekend.

Friday kept me a little late, and didn't let me mosey to the bus stop in peace. I hopped a train 1 stop to make the boarding time, got an aisle seat, and after 2 episodes of Modern Family, passed out on the man next to me. We got into Boston at midnight.

Saturday there was brunch, coffee, walking around, tiring ourselves out, a seafood dinner, an engagement, a couple of happy tears, and a lot of vodka. Saturday night there was an hour's sleep lost, a long search for a cab, and a mix of 2 different types of noodles for a late night snack.

Sunday there was a wait of an hour and 15 minutes for a table for ten, a hangover that made the aforementioned wait quite painful, and a mad dash for the bus. I got a window seat, and therefore was able to respect my seat mate's space. I just need a place to lean my whole self.

I'm so happy that the people I love can be spread out as we are and converge on a point on the map for less than 50 hours and do what we did. We dressed up, we talked about life in pjs, at table ends, and on buses, and we dance partied, just like always. And just like always, the pictures we took are variations of us in 2s and 3s, looking one way, then another, then again.

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