The scenic route

All my years spent in downtown Manhattan do not leave my thoughts: the perfectly navigable grid streets of midtown bore me, the coffee boxes of fashion, fifth, and madison do not replace the one on chambers, that once sold me a corn muffin with a fruit fly baked into it and from which I got coffee every morning in high school no matter how late for physics or acrylic painting I was, even after the fruit fly incident, and again, always, the suits. God, the suits. I realize that men in suits aren't so attractive when they're always in suits.

I went downtown for my Friday night meal and took the long way home, above ground. Along my commute I've danced to a sax rendition of Billie Jean on a platform and enjoyed the harmonies of a blonde duo's cover of Jason Mraz. Not one of those people wearing a blazer.

Not that I don't enjoy my job, just that I could use the return of la boheme to my life. I turn 24 soon, and this is who I've chosen to be. Whatever else I am, I'm a little bit artsy.

On another topic, I learned recently that one of the reasons women consistently rate higher in stress levels than men do comes from the way we choose to spend our leisure time: men are more inclined to choose stress reducing activities, such as going to the gym, or watching sports, whereas women, in their free time, choose activities that require them to take on more responsibilities and that do not relieve stress, such as volunteering or a side job.

Makes sense. Since being free of my 2 side jobs, I'm a lot less worn down and a lot less stressed. But try presenting these results to a football fan on a Sunday after a loss.

Anyways, happy weekend!

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