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The days before the new year will be very slow at work, as everyone is getting lazy about banking and eager to party. I've resigned myself to self improvement today, if no other duty calls, reading the news and completing some web-based training while waiting in the lobby for customers.

Tomorrow is my last vacation day of the year, and I'll be visiting the MoMA, dining at the Modern inside of it, and preparing for Christmas this weekend.
Where oh where has December gone?

Taking a cue from my recent training class, where on day 1 we made a collective flip chart of what we hoped to learn and on day 4 we checked them off, I'm thinking about new year's resolutions for the first time ever. By that I mean I can only think of one: keep taking pictures.

Lining up a few trips outside of NYC is also something I'd like to do, with a friend's choice to stay in Rochester until at least May, my continued ties to Boston, and a shared restlessness with a few girls that may land us on some tropical shore this summer. Plans plans plans, please - keep me occupied next year.

I love getting a seat on my morning commute and blogging from underground.

Another resolution: I AM BAD WOLF.
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