Eve's eve

What a long, tiring year it's been. A large part of me would rather sleep through the last hours of 2010 than greet 2011. But that's something I would regret, which means another NYE in NYC in the pipeline. What does it mean that my greatest plans for next year center around getting the f out of here? Vacay makes everything okay, Morgan and I settled upon today, while trying to decide whether to give this year a thumbs up or thumbs down. (You know, bbm emoticons to rate the year.)

Okay. Then let's do it up. Get a little crazy with... arts and crafts.

I'm bringing back the spray paint, and the J. Roget, and the glitter glue. I hope the people I'm spending tomorrow night with will forgive my taste in bubbly.

Speaking of which, once I saw a lounge offering J.Ro table service for $75. I'm serious. In Rochester that would buy you 22 bottles with enough left over for a stop at Wendy's. Again, I'm serious.

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