The past few days

Thanksgiving felt like a weekend, with packed agendas, many faces, and multiple meals. It was fantastic.

Most people have today off, but banks and stores stay open, so I'm working both of my jobs today. After that, I'll be going to meet half of my old elementary school class, both a strange and wonderful thing to say, to get a little drunk after all these years of friendship. Wonky family gathering, I guess.

I've been knitting a lot since my initial visit to Purl in SoHo 2 weeks ago. It's new location is bigger, but the shelves of skeins of yarn remain the same. I'm motivated, I'm well equipped, and I'm doing it. On the subway, it's a little challenging because the needles I'm currently using stick out a little to either side of me. New Yorkers won't have that, though the appearance of my needles have brought so many knitters in my life out of the woodwork. So many people know how to knit!

December is around the corner, so I'd better realize that the holidays are here, and fast. I need to plan gifts. I need to find my wrapping paper. I need to think think think and list list list. I also need to buy myself a day planner for 2011. (EEK!) I was holding out for J. Crew to make one as they did for this year, but if it hasn't happened by now, it may be time to get a-huntin'.

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