Meliora weekend, the preparations

My packing process is a long one, though there's not much rhyme to it.

I'm anxious to start tonight, because of course Rochester will be cold, my suitcase will be bulky, and there is the task of finding my boots. The curious thing about going back to college is the number of shoes one needs to bring:

1) Flip flops for shower
2) Boots for cold weather
3) Heels for partying
4) Flats for day

Hello! I'm only going for 3 days.

Besides that, it seems that I'll be attending an Outer Space themed party, for which I've realized I own no silver lamé, but refuse to buy anything for because hey, I'm 23 and going to a mixer. I'll just have to get creative. I think a brainstorm session is in order later.

A couple of preliminary concerns include:

1) Will I be able to stay up past midnight?
2) Can my friends and I refrain from ordering Papa John's (affectionately called "papa") at the end of every night?
3) Have I forgotten how to rock stilettos in frost conditions?

Despite these questions, I cannot wait to descend in my JetBlue plane onto the ROC runway. It'll be late, and it may be rainy, but a fall visit to my alma mater is much needed right now.
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