totally sick

First cold of summer!

I've slept all afternoon and evening, and because of that now have a huge headache. It's really astonishing just how hot it's been in the city lately. Some respite to look forward to - an 87 degree day on Saturday. Pushed myself to run some errands in the early afternoon, which I immediately realized was a poor decision. At least it was nice to see the post office and library dialing up their thermostats a bit to conserve electricity, as the NYTimes article on Con Ed's struggles to keep up with energy demands concerns me a bit. 

This morning was an early one, rising at 6:30am to bring my little sister to work. Later that morning, I made a trip to Trader Joe's. I am completely a fan now. For less than $20, I got:

1) Organic wild arugula
2) Shredded carrots
3) 2 Greek yogurts
4) Sliced almonds
5) Balsamic vinaigrette
6) Citrus body wash
7) Spinach ricotta ravioli
8) Pesto tortellinis 


Using these ingredients and my extra time to make a brown bag lunch for my sister tomorrow.