On Sale Now, and a small rant

Purchases today include a printed silk dress and a handmade felt and leather case for macbook pro. Maybe working in retail has made me a little snobby about customer service, but after calling 2 Anthropologie brick & mortars to find the dress below and getting put on hold for nearly ten minutes each time, I called Anthro customer service and asked for the shipping fee ($10.95, which no self respecting e-shopping regular would pay) to be waived. 

I have to say, it doesn't matter if the two stores I called are the highest volume stores for the company in the country, no customer should be no1. asked what they needed then placed on hold three separate times then no2. be kept on hold for 8 minutes and then 9 minutes at two different locations. Especially on a Tuesday night at 7:50pm when the doors are closing at 8. Surprise, I'm a bitch.

But my goodness, this dress is gorgeous.
castle lake dress, silk, 89.95 (originally 168.00)

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